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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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HANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST in the Art Renewal Center and ARC Approved™ Atelier and School listing. In order to bring real art back into the mainstream of society it is imperative that young artists are properly trained. It is a well-known fact that few, if any, of the college and university art departments of today are able to provide the kind of genuine art instruction sought by ever-growing numbers of students and aspiring young artists. The Art Renewal Center recognizes the importance of providing information on ateliers, academies, schools and private instructors dedicated to the teaching of art in the traditional manner. One of the ARC's main objectives is to ensure that ARC Approved™ Ateliers and Schools continue to grow and prosper as the future of the fine arts is in the hands of the artists and teachers of today and of the next generation. The ARC has awarded over $200,000 in Scholarships to students attending approved programs, and to our delight many of the already Approved Schools have reported a sizable increase, as much as 400 percent in their enrollment since their listing appeared on the ARC website. We are scheduled to give out another large sum this year.

We know that ARC is playing a major, perhaps decisive role in aiding all of our ARC Approved™ ateliers and schools to increased success by way of
  1. Increased Enrollments.
  2. Annual Scholarship competitions.
  3. Annual ARC Salon® competitions.
  4. Gallery introductions.
  5. Philosophy: ARC has become a major resource that helps to place "Living Realism" into a philosophical and historical context by which kindred spirits can find affirmation for their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about realism vs. modern art, and along with millions of other art lovers, feel part of a growing dynamic movement and force, which will be the inevitable successor to the current art establishment.
  6. More exposure than any other resource for atelier/ academy style training anywhere, most of our visitors are targeted art lovers, educators, art historians, curators, artists and gallery owners.
  7. Over 80,000 images of the greatest works of art in history by over 7,500 artists.
  8. High-resolution images available nowhere else on the Internet for study, research and analysis.
  9. Living Master's Gallery, where the finest living realist art may be enjoyed. This has already proven an immense aid in careers.
  10. Technical resources, including entire books on technique, such as The Painter in Oil, by Bouguereau student, Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst, an extract from the Dictionary of Human Form by Ted Seth Jacobs, and countless other essays and commentary on technique.
  11. ARChives, featuring discussions and posts of the brightest and best living artists, world experts, and historians.
  12. Hundreds of biographies and artworks of the world's all time greats like Leonardo, Raphael, Bouguereau, Rossetti, Waterhouse, Millais, Millet, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, etc.
  13. Appraisal, authentication and collecting advice from world experts.
  14. Current information on upcoming workshops, sales, and events in the art world via the ARC Blog and the ARC Exhibition Page.
Art Renewal Center, 100 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064
Is working to build a network of institutions to rival the current modernist art establishment, and is the world's brightest hope for leading our culture back into the light from the long dark nightmare of modernist lunacy and cynicism.

ARC Approved™ Atelier and School Membership
Becoming ARC Approved™ includes many benefits.
  • Listing of the school's name, address, phone number, email contact and a direct link to the school's website.
  • Curriculum outline and or mission statement up to 750 words.
  • Up to 15 high-resolution images of faculty work, student work and or images of your facilities.
  • Students enrolled in ARC Approved™ programs are eligible to compete in the ARC's Annual Scholarship Competition. ARC awards $30,000 a year to students attending ARC Approved programs.
  • All Members will automatically receive the ARC weekly newsletter and prospectus' for all ARC competitions.
  • All faculty members are invited to submit articles and essays for possible publication on the ARC website.
  • The ARC is in the process of creating a printed directory of approved programs that will be made available to high school art departments, artists, art associations and groups.
  • ARC Schools and Workshops may submit information as to upcoming exhibitions of their teacher or student work for possible inclusion on our Exhibition page, blog announcements, Pinterest and Facebook posts.
To make a proper submission to become ARC Approved™, the following materials must be submitted with your application.
  • Signed and completed application form.
  • A $250.00 non-refundable application and processing fee.
  • A list of all faculty members, including their current biographies.
  • Several examples of faculty and student work. (These should be submitted in the form of high-resolution digital images such as JPEG or TIFF files.)
  • Curriculum outline and Mission statement.
  • Current catalogues and or brochures may also be submitted.
  • Web sites that include the above materials may be submitted in its place.
Please note: In order to be approved as one of our schools, the quality of the head instructor's work has to have obtained the level of Living Master by our standards posted on our website, no instructor can be below the level of Associate Living Master.

Due to the logistics of having your atelier reviewed by four Judges, please be advised that atelier applications are reviewed in three month intervals. You will be informed as to the results of your application no later than four months from the time of your submission.

Membership Fees
As a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit educational organization all fees are 100% tax-deductible.
  • A $250.00 non-refundable application and processing fee.
  • We have had quite a lot of interest in the new blog format entries on our home page, which receives more attention than any other part of the ARC website and is also circulated as a newsfeed. We also charge a yearly membership fee of $300 which is due every January and includes one free update each year for your Atelier Listing. Additional updates can be purchased for $150.
  • A one time set up fee of $250.00 is charged to help offset the costs involved in the preparation of a school's listing.
  • 4. Schools are allowed to purchase sponsor ads at our discounted atelier rates. Although we do announce exhibitions and special announcements for our schools in our blog and news letter at no charge, we do request a $150 fee if you would like us to announce workshops since all of our schools and many of our artists have them on a regular basis and we would be overrun with requests if we did not charge.

Download Application

Questions regarding this application and becoming ARC Approved™ may be addressed to the ARC's Director of Operations, Kara Ross at kara.ross@artrenewal.org. Please allow up to four months for the review of your application.
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NOTE: Some web-browsers may experience problems loading MSWord or PDF files. If you find this is the case, we recommend you save either file directly to your hard-drive, and view from there. The application form can be saved by clicking on either link with your right mouse-button and selecting 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link Target As...'

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